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Visitors Programs

Personal exchange of new ideas and first results as well as face-to-face discussions about ongoing projects are crucial to achieve first quality research. Whereas conferences are helpful for initiating contact, longer periods of collaboration are indispensible for successful outcomes. At INNO-tec we invite researchers from all around the world to stay and work with us, thus trying to establish a productive atmosphere.

While at INNO-tec, our guests are encouraged to continue with their current work or commence new projects with us. Visitors are invited to give short workshops at graduate level and to present their current research in our Ph.D. brown bag seminar. Furthermore, we invite our guests to make use of INNO-tec as a hub in order to extend and deepen their contacts to other research institutions in the Munich area.

We welcome both short- and long-term visitors for a maximum stay of eight weeks. We provide separate office space with the usual IT infrastructure and standard software. Broadband access for laptops is available.

If you consider staying at INNO-tec, please send a written application to Prof. Dietmar Harhoff, Ph.D., INNO-tec, Munich School of Management, Kaulbachstr. 45, 80539 Munich, Germany. Please enclose a CV and a brief overview of your research and teaching activities. Make sure to specify your preferred dates of stay. For further information please contact Roland Stürz.

Please find more information about our visitors' program on the website of the LMU Center for Advanced Management Studies