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Trade Mark Project

Background on the Trade Mark Project

The analysis of trade marks has been largely neglected in the economics and business studies literature to date. Work on brands and brand building is more common, but this remains unconnected to analysis of the underlying property rights. Recently a growing number of researchers have become interested in empirical research on trade marks. Researchers at INNO-tec are working to further improve our understanding of effects trade marks have for firms and markets.

The trade mark project is part of the work under the C2 subproject of the SFB Transregio 15. The C2 subproject aims at analysis of intellectual property rights. Specifically returns to intellectual property and R&D competition are in the focus of the C2 subproject. It combines the efforts of researchers at INNO-tec, the ZEW and the University of Mannheim.

The trade mark project unites several researchers at INNO-tec and within the university of Munich. These are working  together to build up datasets of trade mark data and to join these to data on companies and other intellectual property rights. Here we are able to build on INNO-tec's expertise with patent data.

We are grateful to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) for providing us with data from the register of trade mark applications there. We are currently using this dataset for a first set of research projects. We have also received data from WIPO and the Deutsches Patent und Markenamt (DPMA).



In 2008 we organized an EPIP and STRIKE Network workshop on "Economic Analysis of Trade Marks and Brands" which took place at The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante. The presentations held in Alicante are published here.

In 2009 we organized a workshop on "Trade Marks and Trade Mark Data" at OECD with Valentin Millot. The workshop was funded by OECD, STRIKE and GESY. This workshop brings together leading international scholars on the law of intellectual property and economists at OECD.  The papers to be discussed and the presentations are published here. The program of the workshop can be found here.




"Are Advertising and R&D Complements?", by Georg von Graevenitz and Philipp Sandner

"Early Entries and Trademarks -- Barriers to Generic Entry in the German Pharmaceutical Industry" by Silvia Appelt

29.01.2009: Silvia Appelt received the DRUID-DIME Winter Conference Most Promising Research Project Award 2009 for her paper „Early   Entries and Trademarks -- Barriers to Generic Entry in the German Pharmaceutical Industry“. The prize was awarded on January 24th 2009 in Aalborg, Denmark.


"The Market Value of R&D, Patents, and Trademarks", by Philipp Sandner

20.04.2009: Philipp Sandner received the Ladas Memorial Award 2009. Philipp received the award for his paper "Trademark Filing Strategies and Their Valuation: Creating, Hedging, Modernizing, and Extending Brands". This award is sponsored by the International Trademark Association (INTA, who are based in New York. The Ladas Memorial Award is awarded annually to exceptional research projects in law and economics concerned with trade marks. For further information please consult:

"Which Reputations Does a Brand Owner Need? Evidence from Trade Mark Opposition" (PDF, 384KB), SFB TR/15 DP 215, 2007


Members of the group:

 Georg von Graevenitz (INNO-tec)

 Philipp Sandner (INNO-tec)

 Silvia Appelt (MGSE)